Sometimes, we want a secret place to hide in for a weekend,

a place to recharge simply immersing in nature.

Sometimes, we want a unique place to share with family and friends,

treating ourselves to peace and beauty.

Sometimes, we need a place of silence to stop and breath in

the smell of the forest and listen to a bird's song.

The Folk Tree Lodge is that secret place,

A place where to stop for a few days and empty our busy minds.

A place where to sit back, relax and listen to the silent music of the forest.

A place where to walk the trails and feel the wind on the skin.

A place where we can tuck away with our special One.

A place for sharing a very treasured moment with family and friends.

A place to sit around the warmth of a fire sharing laughter and stories.

A place where to admire the moon, rising between the branches

A place where to watch the peaceful falling of the snow.


Our eco approach

We live on an extraordinary and beautiful planet.  It's our home.

If we want to continue to live here, we must take deep and better care of it.

Nature is our life-long partner; she supports us and we do our best to live in harmony with her. 

We invite you to visit Folk Tree Lodge and experience the wonderful connection with nature and be part of our project of preserving native vegetation, fully respecting the wildlife. 

Folk Tree Lodge - a peaceful  piece of land